Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer in the Desert - 2011

It's summertime around these parts...and we often compare this to a cold winter in other parts of the can be tough in the daytime. BUT AT NIGHT - there's nothing like laying in the silky warm mineral spring swimming pool and watching the stars! Come on out here and catch a falling star...many guests do!

With our summer specials (look under "Specials and Discount Spa Packages") we've got some great deals for you! We've even added one that's not posted yet:
Check this out...
Stay your first night at our newly discounted summer rates and get your second night for only $99. This special begins today- July 15th and runs only until August 15th.

Also, don't forget about National Parks Day in's the perfect time to come for a couple of days and go to Joshua Tree National Park for FREE! Spend the day walking and hiking about and return to the inn for our complimentary Happy Hour where we serve up our "Morocco-tini's"! Best of all, have a massage to ease those stiff muscles from all that hiking! Finish it all off by slipping into something silky...our natural spring fed mineral water swimming pool and Jacuzzi!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Relaxing in the Spa Garden...ahhhh

Although these are not my feet, it's where my soul goes every day to have a little down time...just like you, our guests can do at our new Spa Garden! It's taken a while here at the El Morocco Inn & Spa-to get this garden in "good enough" shape to present it for your use, but hey, better late than never, right? So now, it really does have an authentic Moroccan Tent (perfect for massages and spa treatments) Croquet, Giant Chess, and even Bocce Ball-which isn't exactly Moroccan, but who cares? Lounge in the hammocks and have a great afternoon snooze, then come and get into the healing mineral water swimming pool and Jacuzzi spa. We're finding a lot of guests get into the Far Infrared Sauna, and then take a dip in the warm mineral waters and then...take a long nap out there in that Spa Garden. Wanna get away from it all and not have to go that far??? Join us! We'd love to have you and we have a saying around here..."Your wish is our command"!